The Healthy Transformations Program increases supplemental benefits to the employee with no reduction in pay while at the same time saves payroll taxes payable by the employer. Because this process lowers the employees taxable income, your company saves the 7.65% FICA tax on that reduction which equates to $600. average annual savings per employee


Providing retirement plan services to your employees is one of the most valuable benefits they will receive. Equally, it is one of the most complicated benefits you’ll provide.  Advisors Life & Consulting, LLC. supports this relationship and offers comprehensive  resources to provide "Low Cost High Quality Investment Solutions.


The objective of business protection planning is to assist you in evaluating the impact of death or disability of an owner or key employee could have on your business, and to help provide the funds that will he needed to protect your business from the financial consequence that can arise when an owner or key employee dies or becomes disabled.


How much income will you need to retire at that age?

Where do you want to live after you retire?
​​What should you do with the money in your company savings plan?
What should you do to prepare for an illness that requires long-term care?
When do you have to take money out of your IRA?


Advisors Life and Consulting, LLC.  is not partial to any insurance company and will work with all insurers to retrieve the best value for their clients.  Remaining independent from any insurance company maintains the ethical placement of coverage with the insurer who demonstrates the best fit for the plan sponsor. We work with large employers as well as clients of all sizes and are able to leverage their internal resources and challenge insurers for the best service and value for their clients.



Do you have the most appropriate Health or Life insurance Plan for you and your family?

How will you pay your bills if you are

unable to work?

Did you miss the ACA Open Enrollment Period and now have no Health Insurance?

Do you have Long Term Care?

Would you like to reduce your Health Insurance premium or deductible?