Advisors Life & Consulting, LLC. is a financial services firm based in Georgia. We specialize in retirement planning, financial planning, investment advice, alternative investments, and insurance products and benefit coordination. Our niche is the Advisors Life and Consulting Retirement and Benefit Solution.  AL&C design and implement open architecture Retirement and Benefit plans, providing Public and Private Schools, Not-for-Profit entities, and Health and Government organizations the same robust options most commonly seen only in Corporations and Corporate 401(k) s.

The Advisors Life and Consulting Retirement and Benefit Solution brings our client strong partnerships for several regional powerhouses which include top-notch trust and custodial services and superior benefit consulting firms, effectively creating one of today’s few legitimate "Open Architecture" organizations. This exceptional and progressive type of union provides Advisors Life & Consulting, LLC with a distinctive edge over the competition.

Why not break tradition, and discover the Advisors Life and Consulting difference.

The Advisors Life and Consulting goal is not to be the largest, but to be the best at delivering an elite level of service and customization.  Our status as an “independent” allows us to reach beyond the interior of an organization and to always provide the finest industry wide products for each client’s unique situation. Today human resource professionals face a lack of resources. Our economy has changed, budgets are not what they once were thus causing employers to continually seek new ways in which to reduce cost and increase efficiency. We believe that our model is at the forefront of a changing industry, where retirement and benefit plan providers must actually be held accountable and accurately suit a client’s need.